Tanmeyah Micro Enterprise Services

Tanmeyah Micro Enterprise Services


Since its founding in 2009, Tanmeyah Microenterprise Services has grown to become Egypt’s leading non-bank provider of microfinance solutions and the number two micro-lender overall. Founded by a team of industry veterans, Tanmeyah caters to owners of micro and very small businesses across Egypt who lack access to financing from the traditional banking sector. The company provides a comprehensive suite of microfinance solutions and targets high-need areas across the country.

By distributing small loans of no more than EGP 30,000 for microenterprises and EGP 100,000 for very small enterprises, Tanmeyah empowers its clients to develop their businesses in order to achieve social mobility and find a path out of poverty.

Since its founding, Tanmeyah has served over 746,000 clients across Egypt, 38% of whom are women, and issued more than EGP 5.95 billion in loans.

Tanmeyah has managed to maintain its position as market leader despite increasing competition largely because of its strategic positioning of branches across Egypt. Tanmeyah has not only expanded its operations in 5 new governorates but also increased the depth of its outreach in 11 governorates. Tanmeyah distinguishes itself with the speed and efficiency of its loan disbursement process.

Tanmeyah has established a well-respected brand name and a reputation for excellent service and on-the-ground experience.

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  • Address:
    34 B South Police Academy
    New Cairo, Egypt.

  • Phone:
    (+2) 02 – 25 37 30 23
    (+2) 02 - 25 37 31 70

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    (+2) 0100 041 04 58

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