Visa Information
Who does not need a visa?
  • Kuwait.
  • Palestine (Where applicants hold an Egyptian residence card)
  • Bahrain
  • Jordan
  • Oman
  • Saudi Arabia
  • United Arab Emirates
Who needs a visa?

Applicants from the following countries may also have to undergo the 'referral' process, in which the visa office in Cairo checks and approves the application. This can add an additional six to eight weeks to the process:

  • Afghanistan
  • Algeria
  • Bangladesh
  • Eritrea
  • Ethiopia
  • Iran
  • Iraq
  • Lebanon
  • Moldova
  • Morocco
  • Somalia
  • Tunisia
  • Sudan

Applicants from the above countries also need Security Permissions in addition to visas.

The cost:
  • Single entry visa is USD 25 for all nationalities.
  • Multiple entries visa is USD 35 for all nationalities
  • More information:
    Nationals from UK , EU and USA travelling to Sharm El Sheikh, ONLY, for a maximum of 15 DAYS, do not require a visa prior to travelling as a free entry permission stamp will be granted upon arrival. If they intend to travel outside of the above mentioned area, they MUST obtain a Visa.

For more information about the visa process, below is the website for the Arab Republic of Egypt Ministry of Foreign Affairs
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